Jamie & Cort, Spring Ranch SDT 2012

Here you will find Silver Spring dogs who are working
for their owners out in the world.


Spring Monte  (Spring Pink x Cort)
Shari Clark, Pueblo West, CO

Spring Tig  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 2)
Sydney Hughes, Meeker, CO

Spring Jaz (TSN Vail x Cort)
Myra Wilensky, Boulder, CO


Spring Ann (Pink)  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 2)
Ray Crabtree, Boise, ID


Spring Sioux  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 2)
Vern & Marsha Spykerman, Sibley, IA


Spring Sam  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 1)
Jeanine Van de Merwe, Manchester, MD

Spring Craig  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 2)
Barb Klein, Sykesville, MD

Spring Wes  (Spring Hope x Shep)
Barb Klein, Sykesville, MD


Spring Rye  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 1)
Katy & Rich Harjes, Bozeman, MT

Spring Nero
(Spring Pink x Cort)
Nancy Creel, Bozeman, MT

Spring Elvis  (Spring Pink x Cort)
Robin Smith, Wibaux, MT


Spring Tig  (Spring Hope x Shep)
Cindy Galt, Crawford, NE


Spring Kit  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 2)
Eugene Sheninger, Boonton, NJ


Spring Gabe (Spring Pink x Cort)
Ted Kautzman, Manning, ND


Spring Posh  (Spring Hope x Shep)
Kim Baker, Warriors Mark, PA


Spring Rock  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 1)
Laura Hicks, Allen, SD

Spring Jess  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 2)
Laura Hicks, Allen, SD

Spring Teal  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 3)
Laura Hicks, Allen, SD

Spring Jet  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 3)
Sheila Hostetter, Red Owl, SD

Spring Bett  (Spring Hope x Shep)
Kelly Bradley, Belle Fourche, SD

Spring Snip (TSN Vail x Cort)
Dan & Coleen Nelson, Meadow, SD

Spring Sally (TSN Vail x Cort)
Sawyer Naasz, Platte, SD


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Spring Mica  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 2)
Sarah & Bob Christensen, LaConnor, WA

Spring Tag  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 3)
Bob & Sarah Christensen, LaConnor, WA

Spring Pepper  (Spring Pink x Cort)
Joe Haynes, Arlington, WA

Spring Trig  (Redtop Reece x LM Jag 1)
Sarah Sherman, Yelm, WA


Spring Roy (TSN Vail x Cort)
Dennis Edwards, Sundance, WY

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