Pedigree for TSN Vail
ABC 317110 Border Collie, BW rough coat, female 12/5/2007

## G.B. International Champion
# G.B. National Champion
@ Hips- Veterinary Radiologist Approved (OFA or Canadian Equivalent)

L&M Jag ABC 223803
Owner: Laura Hicks, SD
Breeder: Laura Hicks, SD
Imp. Spot ABC 206467
O: Michele Howard, CA
B: J.H. Wilson, Scotland
Kep ISDS 218317
R.B. Henderson, Scotland
##Sweep ISDS 180949
R.B. Henderson, Scotland
Bet ISDS 184041
M. Peugniez, Rosehill
Jan ISDS 182031
J.H. Wilson, Scotland
##Spot ISDS 161819
John Wilson, Scotland
Meg ISDS 164315
R.B. Henderson, Scotland
Nell ABC 153164
O: Laura Hicks, SD
B: E.B. Raley, TX
Craig ABC 140335
E.B. Raley, TX
Scott ISDS 189240
D. Brady, N.Ireland
Nell ISDS 177512
James Nelson, N. Ireland
@@Imp. Tess ABC 119583
E.B. Raley
#Nap ISDS 188631
P. Turnbull, England
Whin ISDS 183213
F. Rogerson
TSN Zoey ABC 250301
Owner: Tim Naasz, SD
Breeder: Tim Naasz, SD
Sandhill Duncan ABC 108255
O: Tim Flint, D
B: Kelly Vandeberg, ND
Jimmy AIBC 117030
Bunkhouse Border Collies
Lad NASD 54502
Tim Flint, SD
Beauty AIBC 68242
Lyle Flint, SD
Lonerider Mary ABC 70039
Gene Vandeberg, ND
Odie ABC 30550
Mike Ridenhour, MO
Brite ABC 45554
Boe Suhr, MT
TSN Tuk ABC 136578
O: Tim Naasz, SD
B: Tim Naasz, SD
Mercedes Pete ABC 17765
Roger Mentzer, SD
Rochan's Buck AIBC 83385
Scott Pippert, SD
Sagebrush Tessa ABC 514
Kathy Cordes, SD
Sally (Tack) ABC 26483
Tim Naasz, SD
Mirk ABC 3198
Dick Stinger, NE
Sagebrush Peg ABC 5673
Marcia Stinger, NE

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